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Artist | Student | Varied
Favorite animal is the fox, especially those four species: Corsac Fox, Red Fox, Fennec, and Swift Fox.

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:iconoldschoolownedplz: :iconbrohugplz: :iconletmehugyouplz: :icontherethereplz: :iconhakaserollingniplz: :iconpervylily-plz:

thumbs I adore:
:iconfurryhuggleplz: by FuzzballFury
:furrygiggle: by Romaji :furryeager: by Romaji :furrypout: by Romaji :furrytantrum: by Romaji etc from that series...


Well, my birthday xD I'm 18 now :3
Been a while since I haven't been on deviantArt... Haha
Okay, so today I played a trick on a few people on Twitter~
The trick was initiated by this tweet(that has a link in it)…
/!\ WARNING, the link is hentai voice acting. /!\ Oh and, it's a loli moaning with some music in the background.
Don't worry, no rickroll, it's just a twitter link and then an link.

I pulled the game so far that...…
EXACTLY! The VA was done by me! 8D And some people actually believed in the loliness of my voice.
Please note that the recordings are not edited AT ALL!…
Now here's another VA, but this one isn't H. There are two versions of the VA, one with my male self, and one without my male self.

Also, the first recording was recorded by :iconspiritreconnect: during a skype crack~ She also added the music owo

Some people I'd LOVE to get to hear that:
:iconrjace1014: :iconredscar-nova: :iconkane-neko: :iconviehemlock:
And all my watchers!

Okay, so have a good day!
(Note: All of that made me laugh so much I had to go to a perfectly serious room to stop laughing. The room was as serious as possible, nothing more serious was possible. Yet, it wasn't serious enough for me to stop laughing, and I wound up laughing at how serious the room was. Afterwards, I tried hitting my head on a pillow.... and that worked. Please note that all of that is a joke.)
  • Mood: Lmao
It can't be.
Am I just dreaming?
I would see.
That would be broken.
As screwed as it can get.
Just let me wake up, now.
That's just a dream, right?
Let me wake up, please.
Let me wake up from this nightmare.
Is it really it?
Is there really no way?
Am I really stuck here?..

The clock is ticking. It's rhythm is uncertain, but the time is right. I'm waiting on my couch. Waiting for a call.
There's no possibility, right?
It can't be.
Am I just dreaming?
I would see.

It's just a guess. Nothing more than a groundless thought.
I thought, so I didn't know.
Although I keep on questioning this reality. Although I'll never take it as real. I have my reality. That's it.
But how can I be so sure? All I know is I can't trust what everybody says.
Everything around me is telling me not to reject it.

But the world is glass.
That would be broken.
As screwed as it can get.

"No need to get angry" they say.
"We know how you feel" they say.
I would like to just draw a red cross all over their faces.
Tear those memories down to shreds, burn those shreds down to ashes, and stomp those ashes down to dust, and blow this dust away from me.
Again and again, I'll cut it.
Again and again, I'll do it. It's insane.

But it's okay, because there's a way out of it, right?
Just let me wake up, now.
That's just a dream, right?
Let me wake up, please.
Let me wake up from this nightmare.

It will go just fine. I'll wake up and nothing will have happened.
Right? It's totally just a dream. I'll wake up. This will get undone.
I have a way out of this. Even if I don't, someone must have a way to fix the situation I'm in. Doctor? Are you solving this in the end? No way.

It's real... There is no way out.
Is it really it?
Is there really no way?
Am I really stuck here?..

So I'm just gonna stay here, all alone.
Letting a river flow down my face, being by myself in a monochrome world.
Everything is greyed out. No colors are left. The rainbow faded away.
The fire burns the dead wood. That makes me feel cold.
I feel like it could start snowing anytime soon.
I can rant all I want, I can't make one grant my wish.

It can't be.
Am I just dreaming?
I would see.
That would be broken.
As screwed as it can get.
Just let me wake up, please.
Let me wake up from this nightmare.
Is it really it?
Is there really no way?
Am I really stuck here?..
So, I open the window...

So, I open the window...
Yeah, it happened. I'll mark a red cross over her face.
So, I open the window...

So... It really happened in the end...
The Clock is Ticking
Here's my first prose submission for Lovely-Light-Tachi! That thing's fully original :3
Okay, so this piece of prose is very particular. You see, it needs to be studied to be actually understood.
Let me give you a few hints: How does the character feel and does it fit some kind of model or something?
Alright, you wont understand everything just by reading once. Or even twice. Not even thrice, except if you're good.
It really is meant to be bigger than itself.

Also, before anyone goes "Are you okay, Viddy?", this is by no means a rant. That's not a rant at all, so no worries! I was just thinking about how someone would think if he had to submit to some event of some kind. In a way, we could say it is some sort of study.

You can repost this if you want, but you have to credit me and link to this page.
You may NOT repost or copy a single part of what is inside the bonus pack.
You may record a reading of the text of the text and upload it, but you have to credit me for the original text and link to this page.
You may use the general idea to make something similar, but don't even try to copy it through paraphrasing.
Okay, this ain't something very important so... yeah
Okay, I was having fun with friends with doing random voices and I figured multiple stuff owo
So, I already knew I could do a shota voice and an ikemen voice, not to mention everything that is between the two, that isn't new.
The shocking part is I can... do a loli voice. That's complteley unexpected o.o So yeah I might practice so I can do it at will haha
Also, apparently I have only two options when I'm whispering... Either Ikemen when I go as deep of a whisper I can do, or a female whisper... Alright.
Oh and I can do the loli voice pretty loud so yeah '^'
Anyway, that was all xD


Towards role playing, I'll refer to my loli self as Liddya :3
  • Mood: Stunned

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