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4koma - Trick Question by Videth 4koma - Trick Question :iconvideth:Videth 2 1 Aporu ReMiX by Videth Aporu ReMiX :iconvideth:Videth 4 8 Some title.... thing... by Videth Some title.... thing... :iconvideth:Videth 3 3 Just a sketch... by Videth Just a sketch... :iconvideth:Videth 5 0 Happy Valentine's Day! by Videth Happy Valentine's Day! :iconvideth:Videth 1 0
The Clock is Ticking
It can't be.
Am I just dreaming?
I would see.
That would be broken.
As screwed as it can get.
Just let me wake up, now.
That's just a dream, right?
Let me wake up, please.
Let me wake up from this nightmare.
Is it really it?
Is there really no way?
Am I really stuck here?..

The clock is ticking. It's rhythm is uncertain, but the time is right. I'm waiting on my couch. Waiting for a call.
There's no possibility, right?
It can't be.
Am I just dreaming?
I would see.

It's just a guess. Nothing more than a groundless thought.
I thought, so I didn't know.
Although I keep on questioning this reality. Although I'll never take it as real. I have my reality. That's it.
But how can I be so sure? All I know is I can't trust what everybody says.
Everything around me is telling me not to reject it.
But the world is glass.
That would be broken.
As screwed as it can get.

"No need to get angry" they say.
"We know how you feel" they say.
I would like to just draw a red cross
:iconvideth:Videth 1 7
Mad and Cute by Videth
Mature content
Mad and Cute :iconvideth:Videth 6 106
Project CHROMA - Chapter 1
   I woke up in my bed, filled with the feeling something wasn't right. The lights were out and it was raining outside. The sound of the water droplets falling on the ground were very audible. I shouldn't worry. It was just a feeling. I was just bored and started making weird assumptions. I stood up, walked up to my couch and sat on it. I turned on my TV. The mayor's pale face appeared on the screen behind a grey wooden table.
   「I have to announce to my poor citizen, the experiment came to an end. It was a huge success. We didn't expect it to turn out as such an accomplishment.」
    As if masking the mayor's face, a clock appeared with a number over it. The number was a thirteen, while the clock showed six o'clock A.M. Citizens in the outside screamed. Mayor Esimed had a happy tone, yet he called us his poor citizen. I wanted to scream too, but I couldn't bring myself to. My life, and what I could see if it was already so
:iconvideth:Videth 2 0
Headphones Ch.3 - Rocking
A feeling of freedom took over Joshua as he noticed himself practically flying. He was running so fast he felt like he was flying just over the ground. 「This is amazing!」he screamed. 「That speed… That strength… I can practically do anything I want to do!」 And a thought crossed his mind. He wasn’t his usual American bored teenager, at least in appearance. He was a healthy teenage boy with green hair. Or lime, whatever was the way to say it. Styled with an amazing sense of classy haircuts, so awesome that it ironically transcends the laws of gravity. Or at least, he thought. He just had short hair spiking up slightly to the sides and the back, with some more hair going lower, below his neck. Pretty long, he’d say, but it looked great. He had stylish clothes, because 「Style is the new class.」, he thought, as he wore a bright blue jacket with white bands on the wrists, with a black shirt and very pale purple baggy pants. S
:iconvideth:Videth 2 0
holy shit weapondesigns by Videth holy shit weapondesigns :iconvideth:Videth 2 8 Fully detailed eyes are painful to do with vectors by Videth Fully detailed eyes are painful to do with vectors :iconvideth:Videth 4 6
Headphones Ch.2 - Shining
Upon getting up, Tsuki realized she wasn’t the same. She had… changed. Although her face was completely different, it still looked like a mix of European and Japanese faces, but her hair was longer. It went down to the bottom of her back, as if she hadn’t cut her hair in seven years. Hopefully, the front was styled to her tastes. There was other details to notice : the clothing and the color scheme. Her hair was bright purple and her eyes were… blue as always. Her clothing wasn’t bad, it looked good, actually. Tsuki wore a purple skirt, along with a pink shirt overlayed by a cream coloured stylish jacket with a magenta trim. She also wore black futuristic looking boots.
「How is this going to…」 Tsuki thought. 「Do I have any special power with those headphones ?」
She went out and took a look at her surroundings. 「I wonder if…」 She saw a ball on the ground. Tsuki armed her foot. She kicked the ball and
:iconvideth:Videth 1 0
Just a... test eye... Don't hit me plz! by Videth Just a... test eye... Don't hit me plz! :iconvideth:Videth 2 7 [Commission] Sword for Skye123chan by Videth [Commission] Sword for Skye123chan :iconvideth:Videth 6 4
Headphones Ch.1 - Awake
「And this marks the end of the class.」
A bell rang before a huge crowd of students came out of a school. A part of them were waiting for a bus, others were just looking for some place to go, mostly their own home. One of these students happened to be walking home. A black haired student with a messy haircut and basic clothing was walking home slowly, accompanied with a black haired girl and a blonde boy. They were simply walking and talking. As one of them reached his house, he waved to the two others and opened his mailbox. He found a white card. In this white card was written 「Hi」. As he didn’t understand the point of such a card in his mailbox, he just threw it away. Reaching for the door of his house, he opened it, entered, and closed it. As the night fell, he could feel a presence around him. He literally felt it around him. It wasn’t really like his heart suddentally started to beat a bit faster or he just wanted to turn around to see at a
:iconvideth:Videth 3 11
Reaching the End by Videth Reaching the End :iconvideth:Videth 1 12

Random Favourites

Touhou: Izayoi Sakuya by JunkoS Touhou: Izayoi Sakuya :iconjunkos:JunkoS 392 73 Jraco vs The Moya by Spartin-823 Jraco vs The Moya :iconspartin-823:Spartin-823 3 14 Of Cats And Candies by LunarisFuryAileron Of Cats And Candies :iconlunarisfuryaileron:LunarisFuryAileron 54 28 No regrets by Somichu No regrets :iconsomichu:Somichu 4 4 Loli Rumia by Ueda-Maku Loli Rumia :iconueda-maku:Ueda-Maku 167 27
funny livestream chat with ~ZaynAishon
ZaynChu: I AM SO LONEY (i sound so obsessive and derp)
sadielizyy: haha
sadielizyy: just totally lonely and sad :P
sadielizyy: -M-
sadielizyy: my spirit is already there
sadielizyy: ooohhhhh
sadielizyy: creeeepyyy
ZaynChu: e u e
ZaynChu: you dont know where i live
sadielizyy: ...
sadielizyy: ya i'm lost right now
sadielizyy: my spirit is on the forest floor crying
Haichi: LOL sounds like spirited away
sadielizyy: haha
sadielizyy: XD
Haichi: :U go work at the bathouse
Haichi: I'm one of the soot balls
sadielizyy: well a spirit needs money :P
ZaynChu: e ue
sadielizyy: and friends
sadielizyy: i will find you zyan
sadielizyy: you cannot escape me
ZaynChu: e u e'
sadielizyy: ever
sadielizyy: i shall haunt you :P
ZaynChu: e u e
ZaynChu: *runs away*
sadielizyy: untill u die
ZaynChu: Wheeeee~~
sadielizyy: *chases*
sadielizyy: *catches*
sadielizyy: haha i got you!!
ZaynChu: O.o
sadielizyy: do not be afraid
sadielizyy: i won't kill you little one :3
sadielizyy: even th
:iconsadielizyy:sadielizyy 3 2
ZOMGaWEINER fanart!! by sadielizyy ZOMGaWEINER fanart!! :iconsadielizyy:sadielizyy 3 7 Cirno's Spring by hanahello Cirno's Spring :iconhanahello:hanahello 1,261 224 Shatter Chapter 1 Page 33 by Banzatou Shatter Chapter 1 Page 33 :iconbanzatou:Banzatou 21 9 Shatter Chapter 1 Page 32 by Banzatou Shatter Chapter 1 Page 32 :iconbanzatou:Banzatou 15 3 Shatter Chapter 1 Page 31 by Banzatou Shatter Chapter 1 Page 31 :iconbanzatou:Banzatou 15 4 AQW: Oxadelore by DeadColours AQW: Oxadelore :icondeadcolours:DeadColours 4 2
comment contest end result!!
now thankyou to the two wonderful people who entered!!
now i will work on improving these things:
smoother animations with more variations in scenes and frames and motions, also i will work toward having more drawing/art contests!! art could also mean writing, animation and voice acting as well :D
again, thankyou to those who entered!! please come up with your requests before next weekend as i will draw them in a livestream on the weekend!! i'm up for anything except explicit sex scenes or nudity but i will do gore, implied nudity, and mild sexuality if you wish :D i also have nothin against yaoi and yuri, so don't feel limited with your requests!! later in the week i'll figure out the time for when i can do this and of course, let you know so if you would like, you can watch!!
alright!! toodles!!!
:iconsadielizyy:sadielizyy 1 0
Keybladers by dinohunter9 Keybladers :icondinohunter9:dinohunter9 8 23 Touhou Hyakki Yakou by Xephyr26 Touhou Hyakki Yakou :iconxephyr26:Xephyr26 887 169 CHEEEEeeeeeeeeeeN by Xephyr26 CHEEEEeeeeeeeeeeN :iconxephyr26:Xephyr26 492 48





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Favorite animal is the fox, especially those four species: Corsac Fox, Red Fox, Fennec, and Swift Fox.

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